Temporary Fence

If you are in need of temporary fencing, Noble Fence Company offers an array of products that will provide both security and function. Our experts can design a solution for any situation, including:

  • Closing off construction zones
  • Providing crowd control during outdoor events and festivals
  • Protecting equipment and machinery from theft or damage
  • Securing private property
  • Other situations when you need to control access to a defined space for a limited period of time

Noble Fence Company will provide a strong, reliable solution for setting up temporary enclosures in any environment, giving you peace of mind. Our fencing products are made from durable, high quality materials that will stand up to the harsh elements, when necessary. We offer a variety of options to fit your needs and budget.

When choosing a temporary fencing solution, there are many factors to consider. Construction zones and work sites may require a more functional solution that can stand up to dust, dirt and moving equipment. Whereas fencing for a special event or festival may require a slightly more upscale, attractive option. That’s where Noble Fence Company can help.

We can help you determine what type of temporary fencing will meet your needs. Our experts will perform a detailed measurement of the area and help you consider other issues, such as:

  • Natural traffic patterns within the area
  • Access needs for pedestrians, vehicles and equipment
  • Location of gates
  • Prevention of unauthorized access, climbing

Property damage is another important consideration for temporary fencing. Noble Fence Company offers fencing solutions that can be installed with minimal or no drilling to ensure that outdoor landscaping and cement areas are preserved. And our products are easily removed from the property when no longer needed. Our expert installation team will make sure to protect your property during installation and tear-down of your temporary fence.

Contact Noble Fence Company today for a free estimate. We provide high quality products, excellent customer service, and superior installation and removal of our temporary fencing products.